About Us

Our Story

Out of love for Africa, design and creation we have embarked on a journey which hopes to encapsulate this and share it with the world. 

It all starts with the name: Ukuthula Afrika (UA). Ukuthula Afrika means African Peace. Our dream for Africa is hope and peace. This continent is full of diversity with the potential to absolutely shine in all that we do. We pray that our work, the production and every individual that is exposed to UA is inspired towards this same dream. 

Over the years we have been exposed to local manufactures and builders of extraordinary products and seen how this brings people together. We really enjoy working with local suppliers and getting this product out to South Africa, Africa and the world. Our goal is that this will lead to much more than just a job. Something much greater than ourselves, something that will change lives . . .

Our Product Range

UA strives to work with local suppliers and bring a product to market which is of a very high quality. UA offers a range of products to create a practical and comfortable office space at home or work. This includes office seating, desks, lamps, organisers and products relevant to our time.

One of our new products is COVID-19 screens which allow for healthy interaction while ensuring separation. These acrylic screens are modern, stylish and enables the users full transparency.

UA also specialises in custom hardwood corporate gifts and decor. This is created and produced to our clients specifications. Please feel free to contact UA to get your custom design created.